West Coast Conference Postgraduate Scholars

The West Coast Conference Postgraduate Scholarship is awarded to two student-athletes pursuing graduate school or professional school education. Candidates must own a minimum 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale, demonstrate a significant athletic contribution on the varsity athletic level in a WCC sponsored sport, and participate in a WCC sport for a minimum of two years. In addition, candidates must have a record of participating in campus or community activities, completed their athletic eligibility, and competed in intercollegiate athletics in the academic year in which they are nominated.

2022 - Jackson Felkins (PEP) and Sofia Earle (SMC)
2021 - Ross Meldrum (USD) and Olivia Hoj-Simister (BYU)
2020 - Beau Forest (PAC) and Hannah Frohling (PEP)
2019 - Jacob Kempf (GON) and Emma Trynauer (LMU)
2018 - John Bovill (LMU) and Emma Wolfram (GON)
2017 -  Mark Dotseth (LMU and Anna Farello (POR)
2016 - Sem Verbeek (PAC) and Marta Stojanovic (USD)
2015 - Scott Fauble (POR) and Alaysia Brown (USD)
2014 - Benjamin Demaree (SCU) and Naseeb Bhangal (GON)
2013 - Aiden Irish (POR) and Ashley Armstrong (SCU)
2012 - Miles Batty (BYU) and Tanya Schmidt (SCU)
2011 - Christopher Mosier (SCU), Jessica Tsao (POR)
2010 - Thomas Betterbed (POR), Lori Conrad (GON)
2009 - David Kinsella (POR), Elizabeth Doran (SCU)
2008 - Mitchell Henke (SCU), Lauren Zuckerman (GON)
2007 - Richard Johnson (PEP), Kari Evans (POR)
2006 - Keith Jarbo (PEP), Kari Durgan (GON)
2005 - Andreas Gahlmann (POR), Robin Bell (SCU)
2004 - Kellen Hiroto (USD), Imani Dorsey (POR)